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It’s Not Easy Being Green | Unless You Have PrintReLeaf!

Is your company looking for ways to help our environment and contribute to keeping our planet green through reforestation?

We have a solution that will help your company or organization help our planet that’s so simple, you won’t even notice how much you’re helping until you get one of these impact statements!

Go Green with PrintReLeaf PrintReleaf Certification empowers you to sustain and grow our global forestry system…one print job at a time.

PrintReleaf collects paper consumption data from the source via third-party estimating, quoting, point-of-sale, or print monitoring software. PrintReleaf precisely measures paper consumption on demand, regardless of origin or usage. A customer’s paper footprint is represented by the aggregate total of their paper consumption across all sources over time.

At Laser Line, with the help of our clients, we’ve planted 5,400 trees worldwide just by pressing PRINT!

But that’s not good enough.

We want to double that number by 2023, and we want your business to hop on the bandwagon with us and plant even more!

Joining Print Releaf is simple and easy and won’t compromise your company’s security policies. Imagine your client’s and colleagues’ reactions when you post this report each year, showing how you are doing your best to keep our planet growing strong.

The World’s First Platform for Automated Global Reforestation

PrintReleaf has designed and built the world’s first platform to automate global reforestation for paper-based products. We accurately measure a customer’s paper consumption and make it actionable through integrations with market-leading software applications. Customers select where to reforest their consumption through our PrintReleaf Certified™ Global Reforestation Projects network. Our cloud-based infrastructure and APIs enable seamless integration and limitless scalability.

Print ReLeaf Technology

PrintReleaf safety

Watch this video to find out more!

If your company is looking for a NEW and EASY way to help keep our planet green, call Laser Line today.

Join our team of conscientious clients and help us plant over 10,000 trees globally by 2023!