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HP Printers and MFPs

When choosing a new HP printer or another office machine, here is a good list of questions to start from:HP LJ M608dn

1) Do you need a unit for printing/copying only?
2) Do you need Color or Black/White?
3) How many pages per minute (ppm) are to be printed or copied?
4) Page size to be printed or copied?
5) Connection to computer?
6) Data printing or Photo Printing?
7) Environment? (PC or Mac)
8) Copying capability required?
9) Faxing capability required?
10) Scanning Capability required?
11) Duplex is Required?
12) Approximate monthly print/copy volume? (ie:5,000-6,000 pages)
13) Type of finishing required? (staple/booklet/sorting)
14) Service and supplies agreement?
15) Purchase or lease?

Always keep in mind that the cost of the printer is only a small part of what it will cost you over its lifetime. Printers require supplies, maintenance and repairs. Always make sure you’ve looked at the TCO or Total Cost of Ownership for the machine you choose:

  • Cost of the machine
  • Cost per page/toner costs
  • Warranty cost
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Repairs

Most companies do not understand the total cost of general office printing. Many factors contribute to the cost of producing a printed page, including both hard costs and related overhead costs. You need to take all costs into consideration when looking at the total costs of printer ownership.

For more information, here is a great article on Computer World:

TCO: It Matters More as You Grow

Whenever equipment is purchased, particularly in the technology space, the sales price only tells a small part of its financial story.

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