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PaperCut MF

papercut mf Complete control over print, copy, scan and fax

Complete control over print, copy, scan and fax

PaperCut MF is an easy to use, low cost software application for commercial organizations. With PaperCut MF, you control and manage your printers, copiers and multi-function devices.

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux or Novell networks, the following reasons, describe some of the other key benefits PaperCut customers value highly.

  1. Cut Waste and Go Green: Encourage responsible printing with PaperCut MF quotas and print policies, cutting paper and toner costs and power usage. At-a-glance reporting on CO2 and carbon emissions – by CO2 volume or by  tree – shows the impact.
  2. Apply Your Own Print Policies: With PaperCut MF, copying and printing is controlled according to policies that encourage or enforce appropriate access and use of your device fleet. Using PaperCut’s filtering or advanced scripting (JavaScript) you might route large jobs to dedicated high-speed printers, display popups to ask end users to confirm single sided output, automatically delete print jobs with incorrect paper sizes or suggest an alternative printer when a device is offline. Using forced attributes, you can convert color jobs to grey-scale and enforce to duplex where appropriate.
  3.  BYO Device Printing: Allow end users to print wirelessly from laptops, netbooks, iPads and iPhones with no driver installation or server authentication. Fully integrated into PaperCut MF’s standard print charging/accounting/quota process, jobs sent, are typically paused and then released by the user, directly from the most convenient MFD or printer.
  4. Enable Find-Me / Secure Print Release: PaperCut MF protects confidential documents and slashes the volume of unclaimed printouts. With Find-Me printing, users queue print jobs to a virtual queue, and then release them for printing on any PaperCut supported MFP or printer. Secure Print Release requires user authentication, by swiping card or entering an account code to release and collect sensitive documents. Authorization of print jobs, prior to release, by managers, teachers or system admins is supported.
  5. Monitor and Report on Usage: PaperCut MF offers more than 50 user and shared account, copy, print, fax and scan reports, out of the box, in PDF, HTML or Microsoft Excel (.csv) format. Access reports from any web browser, or schedule them to be automatically generated and emailed. You can set up reports to use your own header, and create reports with custom data by specifying date ranges, filtering and sorting by the data available. The PaperCut Dashboard web interface enables real time visual monitoring of system, user and device status, including toner levels.

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