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Supplies Supplies Supplies!

Are you still ordering your printer and copier supplies online from a big chain store?

If so, why?

Reliable toner suppliesWe love hearing how much our clients appreciate our service and how we maintain their printer and copier fleets but did you know we also provide them with all their supplies for their machines? Laser Line carries supplies for most brands, and you don’t have to be on a print management program to order your supplies from us. All-day every day, clients call us to order supplies, and many of them aren’t on a print management agreement.

We manage several channels through which we are able to acquire supplies that you may not be able to find anywhere else. After over 30 years in the business, we’ve established long-lasting relationships with our vendors for OEM as well as compatible and OEM equivalent printer supplies. If you’re looking for a reliable, local source for ink and toner for your printers, why not try Laser Line?

The best part?

We deliver your supplies, clean your machine and install the supplies at no additional cost! Our OEM partnerships also afford us special deals and discounts on toner, which we are able to pass on to you in the form of service and supplies agreements you can’t find anywhere else.

We want you to know that when you choose to purchase your supplies from us, it’s our policy to hand-deliver them to your office, clean the machine, remove the old cartridge, and install the new one. We also do preventative maintenance on the machine for free as well. This added service is included in the price of your toner. When’s the last time one of those big-box chain stores did that?

We understand that not everyone wants this white-glove service. If you’d rather pay the same price or higher for your toner and receive a box dropped at your office, that’s entirely up to you. All we ask is that you give us a try. Place one order with us for toner and see the difference.

Look, we understand prices are climbing due to inflation.

The cost of supplies and hardware are going up and affecting everyone’s business. Unfortunately, we are no different. However, our prices remain in line with the big guys, yet we still offer the same outrageous service we always have. We’ll never cut back on how we engage with you just because of higher prices. You may have to pay more for your toner and ink supplies, but with Laser Line, you’ll never have to sacrifice service.

PLUS, Laser Line is locally owned and operated.

Why send your money out of the state to a large corporation when you can support local small businesses and keep those dollars right here in Maryland? You speak to a human being when you call us, not a phone tree or a robot. We’re here to help you over the phone, online and in-person when you need us.

When you need supplies for your printers and copiers, call Laser Line. 410-636-1700