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Are You Still Outsourcing Color Printing?

Did you know that color printing is one of the easiest ways to increase your company’s revenue?

Research shows that using color and graphics on your documents increases interest, retention and improves comprehension.

Here are some of the facts:

  • Color improves comprehension by 75%
  • Color increases retention by 40%
  • Color accelerates learning by 20%

According to the Vice President of a well-known sign company in Colorado, “Color graphics add 78% retention, while a photo can result in a 130% increase in retention.”

Use a Color Image to Almost Double Your Persuasiveness

Color PrintingA study conducted by the University of Minnesota found that using simple graphics increased the persuasiveness of a message by 47%.

To measure the effect, they had a group of people read a passage of text and rate it for persuasiveness. Then they had another group rate the exact text, only this time it included a color graphic. The score jumped by 47%!

Better yet, invoices that use color to highlight the all-important balance due are paid up to 30% faster than boring old black-and-white bills.

Long gone are the days of slow, poor-quality color printers that used tons of ink to create less than desirable results. Technology has not only improved the quality and accuracy of color printing, but the details and crispness are professional grade. From large office copiers to small, desktop printers, companies can now produce professional-quality in-house documents, booklets, reports, and brochures for a fraction of what they’d pay to outsource.

Along with the improvements in color, these new machines also integrate with your office system and provide high-security features to protect your private information. Built-in controls also allow you to decide what is printed in color and who has the right to do it. If you’re printing inter-office memos and don’t require them to be in color, you can control that.

Most new color copiers and MFP’s available for your office also provide finishing options that were previously only available if you outsourced. Now you can create beautiful, colorful booklets and brochures right in your office for much less than sending them out to a print shop.

Laser Line is happy to offer a full range of color machines. From desktop printers and wide format machines to full-sized copiers or MFPs, you’re sure to find something for your company’s color printing needs.

Check out some of the color machines Laser Line can offer to help your company become more persuasive.