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Choosing a New Office Machine | Key Questions

Choosing an Office Machine

Choosing a new office machine isn’t as simple as choosing black and white or color.

There are many options to consider, which will directly impact your business’ productivity and bottom-line costs.

  • Do you need a machine that prints both black and white and in color?

This is always the number one decision to make. But what if you want black and white but want to print in color occasionally?

Most newer color machines allow you to print in black and white for most jobs and only print color when you choose that option in the settings.

  • How much do you print?

Depending on the volume you print per month, choosing a machine that isn’t built to handle that volume can cause you to wear the machine out quickly.

Always check a machine’s recommended monthly print volume before you make that purchase because you could spend more in the long run to replace it.

  • Is print speed a factor?

If your business relies on a lot of printing, speed is a factor. You don’t want your staff waiting all day for time-sensitive documents or large files to print.

Choosing a machine that prints 40-50 pages per minute is the minimum print speed you’ll require for any large workgroup printer.

  • Does the machine need to be wireless?Choosing an Office Machine

Although most printers/MFPs today are wirelessly capable, it’s always best to request this function on your new equipment if you need it, just to be sure.

  • Do you prefer duplex capabilities?

Many companies prefer their printers to have duplexing (printing on both sides of the paper) as a default option because it saves paper, making it environmentally friendly.

  • Are you only printing, or will you need other functions as well?

Today’s multifunction devices can print, copy, scan, fax, digitally send, and e-mail. Many even have wireless capabilities. Choosing an MFP has many benefits, including freeing up space taken up by sometimes two or three devices. MFPs can range in size from desktop machines to small office models. They can even range up to 110 pages per minute production machines.

  • Will you need a service plan for your new device?

Most new machines come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. They don’t come with your own designated and certified technician. That’s where Laser Line can help.

Wherever you purchase your new machine, you can count on Laser Line to deliver your HP, Xerox, Brother, Canon, and Sharp warranty service. We can also offer you cost-effective options to keep your new machine up and running for a long time.

Still not sure what you need? Call Laser Line today to speak with one of our expert consultants, or check out the links to our selection of machines.


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