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Will Adding Color to Your Invoicing Increase Your Income?

Did you know that a study by a research firm named Harris Interactive showed that of the 2,000 printer users they surveyed, 56% stated that adding color effectively is essential in reinforcing your company’s image?

Although adding color can get a bit pricey, using it only where it is most effective will justify the cost and have the most impact is what matters. Color Printing

For instance, sending out a business letter in black and white is fine, but using color strategically affected respondents’ outcomes. Adding color to logos, invoice totals, and due dates, as well as highlighting important words or sentences, will increase interest, memorization, and impact.

By adding color, you can increase your return on your color printer investment.

From the same study:

  • 76% reported that documents containing color helped them locate important information quickly.
  • 43% said when an invoice highlighted the balance due and the due date, they would be more likely to pay on time.
  • 31% responded that they were more likely to pay an invoice amount in full if it was in color.
  • 25% said a company that uses color in their messaging made their information more memorable.
  • 69% said that using color for learning purposes made understanding new concepts and ideas easier.
  • 54% of those surveyed stated they are more likely to read documents or marketing materials printed in color.

Using Color

Whether you add a little or a lot of color to your business printing, we’d love to help you.

Whether for letters, memos, marketing, or invoicing, often just a splash of color here and there will increase your visibility and enforce your brand awareness.

Adding color will make your offerings more appealing, and when strategically used to highlight specific details, it can even increase your income.





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