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What’s Your Game Plan for Printer and Copier Repairs?

If you have a business, odds are you have printers and copiers.

HP-M528fMost companies use their IT department to handle printer issues, but with cyber attacks and other high-priority IT concerns, printer problems may get pushed down the priority list. This delay could leave your staff with the challenge of having down printers for an extended period. It would be best if you had a game plan, and Laser Line is the team you want on your side. Often when you need them most.

Printers don’t seem very important until they break or run out of toner. Then you’re stuck scrambling to either outsource your printing or running out to buy a new machine or supplies.

Using one of Laser Line’s comprehensive print management programs or just calling us for emergency break-fix repairs will take the burden off your IT department and get your machines back up and running with a simple phone call or email. When you see that toner low warning, just give us a call. Our technicians not only deliver your toner but they’ll clean your machine and install it too at no additional charge!

Most of our customers describe our service & maintenance as having their own technician on staff but not on their payroll.

Laser Line is a Manufacturer Authorized Service Provider for Hewlett Packard, Sharp, ZEBRA, Xerox, Brother, and Canon’s line of desktop copiers. We provide on-site, field warranty, and non-warranty service on most makes of laser printer and fax equipment, including Lexmark.

  • Supplies needed? We’ve got you covered.
  • Service? Got it.
  • Maintenance Kits? Drums? Color toners? We’re there when you need us.

Canon-Large-Format-imagePROGRAF-PRO-4100SOur technical support teams work together with our logistics team to provide technicians with every item needed to support your printer fleet. Inventory management, supply line management, and product research are all used to support our customers.

We perform all printer services on-site unless otherwise requested. Our well-stocked warehouse and mobile inventories allow our technicians to complete most repairs during the initial visit. Machines requiring additional service for more complex issues will be picked up, repaired, and returned to your location upon completion of the service.

Clients participating in Laser Line’s comprehensive service and supplies programs receive the highest priority service, including accelerated response time. Our programs are “bundled,” meaning repair, service, and supplies are included in the package, saving you time and money! We can put a game plan together to keep you up and running.

Whether you need service for one printer, copier, or multifunction device, or you want to blanket your entire fleet with one of our comprehensive agreements, we are always more than happy to speak with you.

We also sell and lease office equipment, but we are still here to support you, whether or not you purchase your printer from Laser Line.

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