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Using Our Smarts to Save You Money

Recovering from this COVID-19 shutdown is going to take a lot of SMARTS.

Remember that old piggy bank you had as a child? You’d tuck your allowance, lawn cutting and babysitting money in the coin slot and shake it to hear that money jingle.

Piggy Bank
Saving money always feels great.

Saving money always feels great. Only now, we’re not saving our pennies for a new toy or a candy bar. We’re putting our lives, our state and our country back together… and it won’t happen overnight.

We need our smarts. We need a bigger plan. We definitely need a bigger piggy bank.

We need to find new ways to save money however we can.

Coming out of this dark time for business – small businesses in particular, isn’t going to be easy. Your top priority is going to be recouping money to stay afloat. There is no way around it.

Your second priority is going to be reduced spending and saving money. Getting your business back on track will require innovative ways to both decrease spending and increase the value of every dollar you make. You need to find creative and new ways to save, save, save!

Money Squeeze

You have to squeeze that dollar for all it is worth!

But…you still have to operate your business. You will have overhead, need supplies, and pay wages and operating costs. Not only will that dollar be squeezed it has to stretch!

We can help…And we have the SMARTS.

We know we can save you money and increase the value of your dollars, simply by managing your printers for you. We truly can. We have been helping businesses do it for over 30 years.

What if I told you our way is like having your own printer technician on staff but not on your payroll?

That might sound like a reach, but it isn’t.

You already have printers and copiers. You are going to need supplies.

Supplies and Service

We sell the same supplies as Amazon, Staples and all the other big box stores but we do it from right here in Jessup, Maryland…we’re a local small business.

We have certified HP and Sharp technicians all over Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia…five days a week. Our technicians have even been out there servicing essential businesses since all this began back in March.

They deliver your toner, install it, clean your printer/copier and test for any issues – preventative maintenance is key to keeping your equipment trouble free.

Laser Line on the job
Our Laser Line Team of Trained Technicians serving our customers during the Pandemic

You are charged nothing for those services…seriously. $0.00.

You only pay for the toner cartridge. With us, you’re squeezing that dollar and getting every last drop! You are also supporting Maryland Small Business. Your money is going towards helping rebuild Maryland’s economy.

Now THAT’s using your SMARTS!

When you order from Amazon, you don’t know where your money goes or where your toner is coming from. For your sometimes $289.00 order…you get a box…and a toner cartridge. Wow.

That’s why we call this service the PageSmart program.

I suppose we could call it the “printer smart”, “customer smart” or “money smart” program but hey, we’re the Laser Printer People and pages are our bread and butter.

What’s the catch…you might ask?

There is no catch. There is no risk. There is no contract.

Just call US when you need toner.

This ID number will track your service and supplies for the life of your printer

We will put a little label on your printer with an identification number on it. You tell us that identification number when you need toner or service, and your designated technician will deliver it, (within 4 hours for black and white printers) install it, clean your machine and make sure there aren’t any issues.

As if all the above isn’t enough to squeeze those dollars…

  • Just for buying your toner from us, you’ll get a reduced labor rate should your printer break down.
  • We are also a certified warranty repair center.
  • If your equipment is beyond economical repair, our sales team can recommend replacement equipment at competitive prices.

Remember this bold statement above?

Here is your explanation:

We aim to send the same technician every time you call so they become familiar with your staff, your policies, your IT department, and your equipment. Many of our technicians are on a first name basis with our clients…kind of like they work there. Many of our clients refer to their technician by name when they call for toner and we LOVE IT!

Laser Line Trained Technicians. Now here are some SMARTS for you!
Laser Line Trained Technicians

Now here are some SMARTS for you!

Let’s compare Laser Line to your current toner source. We’ll use Amazon for an example, but you can insert any big box store name:

$289.00 to Amazon: You get…

  • A box of toner dropped off to you by a delivery person

$289.00 to Laser Line: You get…

  • A trained technician
  • A sales team
  • Supplies and service tracking on your equipment and reports on your usage
  • Simplified billing
  • Reduced service costs
  • Warranty repairs by a trained technician
  • You know where your money goes
  • You are supporting Maryland Small Business and our economy
  • 4 business hour delivery on black and white toner
  • Your new toner installed – and guaranteed
  • Your machine cleaned
  • Consultation on replacement equipment when necessary
  • Oh… you also get a laser printer toner

Talk about squeezing a dollar!

How do you get all of this?

Just pick up the phone and call 410-636-1700 or email sales@amalaserline.com and say, “I’d like to sign up for the PageSmart program.”

That’s it!

No contract. No hidden fees. No risk. Just SMARTS!

Smarty McPage Thumbs Up

If after you’ve tried PageSmart, you decide you don’t like having a service technician on staff but not on your payroll…just stop calling us. It’s Simple. It’s Print Management. Just Let go.

Call us today! 410-636-1700