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Stop Buying Toner!

Stop Buying Toner! 

Filling a storage closet with toner can cause major print chaos.

What if your machines break and cannot be repaired? You’re left with a closet full of toner that you can’t return and thousands of dollars wasted.


Since 1989, Laser Line has developed tried and true methods to manage all your printing needs. To put it bluntly, Laser Line has been a trailblazer in managed print services, and we believe our methods are the very best. PageSmart evolved from our flagship print management Gold program.

Stop Buying Toner

Stop Buying toner

  • Is your business in print chaos?
  • Is your supplies closet stacked with outdated supplies for printers and copiers you no longer own or use?
  • Are your employees purchasing toner on the fly from big box stores?
  • Would you like to be able to budget your printing costs?
  • Are you able to measure the amount of toner your company is using?
  • Are your business machines the right fit for your print demand?
  • Are some machines barely utilized while others are overworked and frequently breaking down?
  • Are you looking for a solution that will NOT cost you more and will help you get a handle on your printing costs?

Laser Line’s Solution Saves Space and Money!

This Laser Line Service Program provides cost-effective print management for your laser printers. It is the foundation of what promises to be a long and lasting business relationship.

By implementing this program, Laser Line will provide the following:

  • Free on-site warranty repair for most brands
  • Install supplies free at the time of delivery. Controlling inventory costs.
  • Perform Preventative Maintenance each time machine is serviced.
  • Quick 4-hour (or less) response to calls for monochrome printers.
  • Free labor for installation of Maintenance Kit at manufacturer’s interval.
  • Service call free when no parts are needed on monochrome machines.
  • Monochrome laser printer service performed at $89 flat rate plus parts.
  • Color laser printer service performed at $99 per hour plus parts.
  • Monthly Printer Management Reports available on request.
  • Quarterly cost of ownership review of print fleetStop Buying Toner

In exchange for the above-listed services, you agree to the following:

  • Use Laser Line toner services for all your printer-related supplies.
  • Printers will utilize Laser Line supplied consumables.
  • Call or e-mail Laser Line when you have a printer-related problem or print quality issue.

Only Buy Toner When You Need It.

Call Laser Line for Free Toner Delivery and Save Space and Money!


Remember… printers are meant to help you do your job, not be your job.

It’s simple.    It’s Print Management.    Just let go!