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Our Solutions Don’t Include Rip and Replace

The Three Rs of Laser Line

We don't rip and replace

Who can afford to waste money right now?

Has your organization decided it was time to update and upgrade your office technology, only to be told by some office machine dealer that you need to rip and replace your entire fleet of printers and copiers?

In most cases, this “solution” is more about what benefits the dealer than what benefits your company. Replacing every printer and copier in your organization is costly and usually unnecessary. For a dealer to make this suggestion, especially in our current economic climate, is irresponsible and not in your best interest.

Part of our relationship with our clients is consulting on the best solution for them. Most often, there are several.

We don’t paint our clients with a broad brush as if everyone needs the same thing. Although technology changes almost daily, there is rarely a reason to rip and replace every machine in your company. Your workflow is unique to your business and industry.

No organization is the same, and neither are your printing needs. You may have a few older pieces of equipment, but if they are in good working order or only need minor repairs or cleaning, there may be no reason to toss them out. Our consultations include a comprehensive assessment of your workflow, equipment, and the lay of the land so we may recommend the appropriate solution for your company.

Our Three Rs are simple and easy to follow, and they don’t include rip and replace.

We don't rip and replace

Right Size Your Fleet

You have printing, faxing, and copying devices throughout your office or business environment. How many of them are overused? Underused?

The Laser Line team can explain how the proper sizing of your fleet can save you money and energy by ensuring the best placement of your machines to allow you and your staff can achieve maximum productivity. We’ll show you supporting data to assist in your decision and whether to add equipment or remove some. Sometimes the wrong machine is being used in an area where many team members are printing, and the machine cannot keep up, while another machine is hardly used. We can suggest a solution that will ensure you have the right machines in the right places for the right reasons.

Reallocate/Redeploy Your Resources

Copier companies often tell you that you should replace ALL of your equipment. However, this is not true.
We can assist you with redeploying some of your existing equipment when it makes sense to do so.
When it comes to machines that still have a lot of life left in them, we pride ourselves on our conservative attitude. If your existing equipment is not posing a security threat and is doing its job, there’s no reason to replace it. Maybe it just needs a new home within your organization. To put it another way, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Refresh Technology

Yes, some equipment models must be replaced for security or functionality reasons. It doesn’t matter if you need a 100 page per minute production copier or a small desktop unit for your home office. We can help you make the RIGHT choice to meet your business needs. We’ll assess the usage and team size that will utilize this machine to suggest the best replacement. We will always show you what is available, but we won’t tell you how to spend your hard-earned dollars.

We’ll show you what we have. YOU decide what you want.

Do you have copiers on leases that are expiring in less than a year? Our consultations include helping you make the right decision about these leases so that you’re not overspending on equipment that may not be the right fit for your organization.

If you’re thinking about getting a printer and copier assessment, give us a call today. It’s never too soon to re-evaluate your printing environment. We aim to save you time, money, and headaches over your printing costs. 410-636-1700