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More BLI #Awards for Sharp Copiers

BLI Awards Sharp

From Buyers Lab:

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America has been honored with a prestigious Buyers Lab PaceSetter award in Ease of Use: Enterprise Devices from the analysts at Keypoint Intelligence thanks to its…

• Outstanding feature set, including pre-set messages, a pull-out hard keyboard, and onscreen editing with Scan Preview to make scanning at the MFP incredibly fast and simple

• Clearly labeled print driver selections, point-and­ click paper selection, and storage of favorites to streamline workflows

• Large, well-designed control panel with an intuitive touchscreen and both Easy and Advanced interfaces

• Strong job management, including the ability to prioritize print jobs either to the top of the list or one slot at a time

• Extremely simple procedures for adjusting drawers, loading media, clearing misfeeds, and replacing toner with extensive step-by-step guidance via text, graphics, animation, and video

Sharp, chosen by Buyers Lab analysts as Most Reliable Monochrome Copier MFP Brand, has an extensive line of monochrome devices that

• Excellent reliability, with tested devices completing testing with a misfeed rate of 1 per ever y 183,333 impressions

• Minimal downtime, as evidenced by the tested devices completing 4,400,000 impressions with no service interruptions

In an office environment, printer and MFP reliability is, and should be, the top concern for business users, since a reliable device helps minimize downtime, resulting in improved worker productivity. As such, Buyers Lab’s exhaustive durability testing offers a key benchmark for buyers when making a document imaging equipment purchase decision. To determine the vendors whose product lines stand out above the rest, our highly experienced analyst team has compiled and reviewed performance statistics for every major OEM that submitted devices for laboratory testing from 2012 to 2018.

Sharp’s A3 copiers have long been known for their quality, innovation, and ease of use, as evidenced by the numerous Buyers Lab awards the products have won over the years. One of the brand’s greatest strengths, demonstrated by our extensive hands-on testing, is the outstanding reliability of the monochrome products in its lineup.

“All of the Sharp monochrome copiers we’ve tested to date have provided excellent reliability, with a misfeed rate that is lower than most of the competition,” applauded Joe Ellerman, Manager of U.S. Lab Operations for Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab. “Downtime for service is one of the biggest complaints users have about document imaging machines, but the quality and robust design of Sharp’s monochrome products all but eliminate this issue. In fact, over the past five years, Sharp’s monochrome models have completed an astounding total of 4.4 million impressions without a single service call, making them the most reliable choice among their peers.”

Congratulations to Sharp on being named Buyers Lab’s Most Reliable Monochrome Copier MFP Brand!

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