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HP #Accessibility – Connecting people to the power of technology

HP is investing in accessible technology as part of their mission to create an inclusive environment focused on connecting people to the technology they use. The HP Accessibility Kit is designed to remove barriers between users and their Enterprise MFPs and scanners for a more accessible experience for everyone, everywhere. The three-in-one solution includes customized Braille and tactile adhesives, an access handle, and the BigKeys LX Keyboard so users can work with ease and to their full potential.

HP Accessibility Kit includes:

Braille overlay and tactile adhesives

  • The Braille overlay and tactile adhesive labels allow vision-impaired users to better orient themselves at the printer and navigate to the input/output trays, control panel, and keyboard.
  • The labels are enlarged Unified English Braille key cap labels so both sighted and Braille-reader employees can interact with the keyboard.
  • The kit also includes additional labels that can be placed at important locations on the MFP for further navigational support.
  • Users can position the durable Braille key cap labels on approved keyboards like BigKeys LX or any HP Flow MFP keyboard.
  • Additional labels enable Braille users to confidently locate commonly used features on HP devices.
  • The labels are enlarged, so all employees can operate the printers and efficiently complete tasks.

HP Access Handle

  • The HP Access Handle is designed to assist people who use a wheelchair by raising and lowering the automatic document feeder lid, maneuvering documents on the scanner glass, and adjusting the automatic document feeder guides.
  • The HP Access Handle has a dual-purpose wrist strap that maximises stability while in use, and then stores it out of the way for when it is not in use.
  • The ergonomic design promotes the productivity and comfort of employees in a seated position.
  • A non-marring head helps protect the handle by minimising the likelihood of scuffing the device.

BigKeys LX Keyboard

  • The BigKeys LX Keyboard has large 25mm x 25mm keys for employees with fine motor limitations and sight impairment. Employees can enjoy an easy-to-see accessible keyboard that connects to HP Multifunction Printers and Scanners via USB.
  • Large, multicoloured keys and familiar QWERTY layout benefit employees with visual impairments.
  • This accessible keyboard has reliable click-style key switches that have been supplier-tested up to 10+ million keystrokes.
  • Users can rest easy knowing that the BigKeys LX Keyboard has been whitelisted via HP firmware so they can use it securely.

HP Accessibility Assistant

Driven by a desire to connect people to the power of technology, HP is reinventing voice command and screen-reader support with the HP Accessibility Assistant—following worldwide accessibility standards, including the U.S. Revised 508 and Europe’s EN 301 549.

Voice command, screen reader:

Increase employee productivity with a device that lets users effortlessly communicate with a range of HP single- and multifunction printers and scanners. Session-based voice command is activated with a single touch.

Security is non-negotiable:

HP Accessibility Assistant is ready for high-security environments, and is neither cloud connected nor Bluetooth® dependent. Voice sessions are time-based and active only when someone presses the “Voice command” button, an audio cue sounds, and an LED light is illuminated.

Universal design:

HP Accessibility Assistant aims to make select HP devices more friendly and helpful by leveraging universal design principles like intuitively shaped buttons and easy-access features.

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