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Get to Know Your Laser Line Team | Part III

Like many of you, the sales department of our Laser Line team are still mostly working from home – as these photos show. We’re still on the job and standing by to assist you with everything from devices for working from home, to equipment, supplies and service for businesses that are deemed essential, and still operating on site.

So…Let’s get to know a couple more Laser Line team members…

Kim Stankiewicz - Laser Line Team

First, I’ll introduce you to my partner, my sidekick and all around awesome right hand girl, Kim Stankiewicz. Yes, we have the same last name. Kim is my sister-in-law but we’ve also been friends since we were kids. She and I worked together in the early 2000’s for University Physicians at the University of Maryland Hospital for Children in Baltimore.

Kim worked in the healthcare field for many years until she made the jump to Laser Line a little over five years ago. Like most of us at Laser Line, Kim too wears a lot of hats. From answering the phone to taking care of our conference rooms and luncheons, to inside sales of printer hardware and ordering equipment, Kim is yet another integral part of what keeps Laser Line the number one HP service provider in Maryland.

In her free time, Kim enjoys reading, baking, crafting, walks with her German Shepard, Tessa, and participating in and managing fundraising events. If you need anything from printers to scanners and fax machines, contact Kim at kstankiewicz@amalaserline.com.

This installment is a little different because it includes yours truly. 🙂

From here on I’ll be speaking of myself in third person. Yeah, it’s a little weird but we’ll get through this together. 🙂

Meet Peggy Stankiewicz. Peggy has been a part of the Laser Team for nearly fifteen years! (It’s so hard to believe because the time has just flown!) Peggy joined Laser Line as an office admin and marketing support assistant. Since then, her duties have evolved. Now, with Kim to back her up, she’s been able to spend more time working on marketing and advertising for Laser Line.

Peggy Stankiewicz - Laser Line Team

Her duties include inside sales, leasing, advertising, managing vendor relationships, supporting the sales team, social media, blogging, managing the website, ordering, and like pretty much everyone else at Laser Line, a dozen or so other jobs.

In her free time, Peggy moonlights as a writer. She has self published eight novels over the past eight years under the name P.S. Bartlett. She also enjoys painting, drawing and reading anything she can get her hands on. She also loves spending time with her family and her creamsicle orange cat, Archie.

If you need anything from new equipment to service or information about all of the services Laser Line can provide, please reach out to Peggy at pstankiewicz@amalaserline.com.

Hopefully next week, I’ll be able to tempt a few more brave souls to allow me to feature them here on the blog. We’re all looking forward to getting back into the office and seeing our Laser Line family! Don’t forget to sign up for our e-newsletter too!

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