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Get to Know Your Laser Line Team | Part II

Please allow me to introduce you to two more key players on your Laser Line Team. One works behind the scenes to keep us and our clients “online” and connected, and the other, keeps the front end of Laser Line running like a well oiled machine.

Mat Kyser

Say hello to Mat Kyser

Mat has been with Laser Line for a little over six years. He started out in sales, assisting with IT and software installation for our Sharp copier line and quickly moved into a position that was split between our IT department and sales.
Mat was promoted to IT Director two years ago and has proven to be the go-to person for everything from software solutions for our clients and network management, and he still assists the sales department on copier installations to make sure our customers are up and running smoothly with their new equipment. He also keeps Laser Line “online” and on top of all the latest information in internet technology and cyber security.
When he’s not keeping Laser Line running smoothly from the background, Mat enjoys spending time with his family and as you can see, his love of the guitar, which he’s been playing since middle school.If you’re interested in data security for your printers and copiers, PaperCut or DRIVVE managed print software, reach out to Mat.

Michelle Marchetti

Meet Michelle Marchetti

Michelle has been with Laser Line for twenty-two years!
There’s no way I could possibly list everything she does but I’ll give you a few of the most important hats she wears:
• Office Manager
• Accounting: payables and receivables
• Human Resources
• Customer Service
• Contracts
• Payroll
• Birthday Cake Maker 🙂 (Yeah she can bake a mean birthday cake!)
Michelle is the go to person for everything…sales, service, billing, toner and ink pricing etc.
When Michelle isn’t running the front end at Laser Line, she’s busy running things on the home front. She is currently home-schooling her two young children and said one of her favorite hobbies right now is sleeping. Can we blame her? She also enjoys reading, crocheting, ancestry research and cake decorating. Crafting is also a favorite pastime of hers.
If you’ve been a Laser Line customer for a while, you’ve most likely spoken with Michelle plenty of times. If you have any questions about your Laser Line account, drop Michelle an email at mmarchetti@amalaserline.com

Laser Line is proud to be a local Maryland company that employs local Maryland people. Our aim is always to exceed our goals when it comes to servicing our customers. Mat and Michelle are two wonderful examples of the many people we have at Laser Line who believe customer service is the top priority.It’s the Laser Line Way!

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