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The Value of Contract Purchasing | Sharp and Sourcewell

Sourcewell Contract Purchasing


Overwhelmed By The Bid Process?

Streamline The Contracting Process!

Impacted By Staff Reductions & Budget Cuts?

Maximize Efficiencies!

Sourcewell Contract purchasing is easy, convenient, and meets your organizational needs without having to create cumbersome and lengthy bid request documents and spending weeks or months going through bid proposals.

If you are a Federal, State, or Local government entity, K-12 or higher education, or a non-profit organization, contact Laser Line for all your office equipment needs and skip the bid paperwork for good!

Sourcewell’s vehicle for national contract purchasing with Sharp Electronics offers national volume pricing on Sharp’s complete line of award-winning Digital Copiers, Printers, LCD Monitors, and Professional Displays.

The contract is bid nationally to save you considerable time while offering the very best national published contract pricing.

Eligible members include government entities, education (K-12 and higher ed), or non-profit agencies nationwide.

The Value of Contract Purchasing:

Sourcewell Contract Purchasing

  • Nationally leveraged volume pricing
  • A streamlined bid process helps save time and money
  • No-cost, no-obligation Sourcewell memberships can be completed in minutes
  • Competitively Bid—evaluated and awarded on behalf of all Sourcewell members, satisfying your bid process
  • Contract process awarded by an authorized government agency (Sourcewell)
  • Flexible billing options

What Sharp Offers Your Organization:

  • Complete line of award-winning office products, including MFPs, AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display Systems, Professional Displays, and Skywell®Atmospheric Water Generator
  • One-step ordering, same-day order processing, and prompt delivery
  • 3-Year Performance Guarantee
  • National sales and service network
  • Free toner recycling program
  • Contract awardee for over 20 years

Who is Sourcewell?

Sourcewell is a public, member-driven service cooperative that serves over 50,000 member agencies by creating valued relationships between buyers and suppliers. Governed by publicly elected officials, Sourcewell delivers solutions to aid state, county, city, and non-profit agencies and the public and private education sector.

  • Cooperative purchasing brings buyers and sellers together efficiently and successfully
  • Sharp and Sourcewell can help streamline the purchasing process, saving time and money – while satisfying competitive solicitation requirements
  • The Sourcewell contract is competitively bid, evaluated, and awarded on behalf of Sourcewell’s Participating Entities.
  • Members can overcome purchasing challenges, including budget constraints and staff reductions
  • They can also purchase Sharp products and services at awarded contract pricing utilizing legally vetted contract terms without the time and work effort associated with going out to bid


  • Sharp offers a wide array of high technology products that can be used in command and control centers, administrative offices, and throughout government offices
  • Enhance collaboration, manage costs and help meet regulatory compliance with secure, easy-to-use interactive workflow processes
  • Sharp offers exciting and innovative solutions to help government agencies embrace new technologies
  • Enhance the document workflow processes for the 21st century while helping ensure facilities maintain IT security, control costs, and meet regulatory compliance


Sourcewell Contract Purchasing

  • Sharp technology in the classroom, copy centers, and libraries is ideal for collaboration and streamlining costs
  • Maximize classroom learning, increase student engagement and improve staff performance
  • Sharp offers exciting and innovative solutions to help educators, staff, and students embrace technologies and new education processes for the 21st-century campus while helping ensure institutions maintain IT security, meet regulatory compliance, control costs
  • Ultimately helps improve student engagement and achievement

Sourcewell contract 030321-SEC gives access to the following types of goods and services:

  • Multifunction printers (copy, scan, fax)
  • Printers
  • Professional displays
  • AQUOS BOARD® interactive display systems
  • Customizable software solutions

Learn more about how to leverage the Sourcewell National Cooperative Contract by contacting your Laser Line Sharp sales representative today!