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Common Problem: Broken machine with loads of left over supplies

PROBLEM: Your supply closet looks like this…

Supplies and Service

Often times businesses overstock supplies out of worry that they’ll run out. In theory, this might make sense but what if your printer is a few years old, breaks down and is beyond economical repair? Most printers once discontinued, cannot be replaced with the exact same model and most new models will not take the same toner. Sometimes you can get lucky and find a refurbished machine but then you’re pulling straws in hopes you’ll find one that’s in good condition, and you’ll most likely have to go outside your normal buying channel to get it.

If the result ends up being you cannot find the same machine, you’re now stuck with a bunch of toner that doesn’t fit any other printer in your organization. Hundreds and more often thousands of dollars wasted unless you can return those toners. We’ve seen this scenario often enough to know many companies simply toss them to avoid the hassle. All that money down the drain!

SOLUTION: Laser Line’s PageSmart Program

The PageSmart program by Laser Line, eliminates the need to stock pile supplies for your printers.

Toner low?

Simply call us, email us or fill out the form on our “Service Requests” page and we’ll hand deliver your toner! Our trained technicians will even install it and perform preventative maintenance on your printer to keep it running as long as possible, as long as you are in our service area. We can also provide software that will notify us when your machines need toner, so you don’t have to!

Since 1989, Laser Line has developed tried and true methods to manage all your printing needs. To put it bluntly, Laser Line has been a trail blazer in managed print services and we believe our methods are the very best.

  • Is your business in print chaos?
  • Is your supplies closet stacked with outdated supplies for printers and copiers you no longer own or use?
  • Are your employees purchasing toner on the fly from big box stores?
  • Would you like to be able to budget your printing costs?
  • Are you able to measure the amount of toner your company is using?
  • Are your business machines the right fit for your print demand?
  • Are some machines barely utilized while others are overworked and frequently breaking down?
  • Are you looking for a solution that will NOT cost you more and will help you get a handle on your printing costs?

CONCLUSION: Laser Line’s PageSmart program eliminates toner and ink waste, money waste and saves you time! No contract required!

Simply fill out the form below and tell us what you need. Toner or ink? Service? New equipment? Printers? Fax machines? Scanners? Wide Format? Shredders? We’re here for you!