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Canon imagePROGRAF | Reimagine the Way You Print

Reimagine the Way You Print with Canon’s GP Series!

Make Your Posters Pop with the New 5-Color Plus Fluorescent Pink Ink imagePROGRAF GP-300/200 Large-Format Printers.

The imagePROGRAF GP Series ink has been specially formulated to create bright, bold images. Canon’s unique “Radiant Infusion” technology layers the Fluorescent Pink Ink with other inks on the paper surface during printing, producing bright and soft color reproduction. The imagePROGRAF GP Series is the world’s first PANTONE® Calibrated printer for PANTONE® PASTELS & NEONS GUIDE coated.

Building on imagePROGRAF core technologies, the GP Series has Canon innovations built right in.


Increase productivity with the 500 GB built-in hard drive. Reprint images without the need for a PC for increased productivity.


Direct USB thumb drive printing supports JPEG and PDF file formats. Simply load files onto your USB drive, step right up to the printer, and plug your USB drive into the port.


Help guarantee that only you have access to your prints with the secure PIN printing feature. Set a numerical passcode and then enter that passcode at the control panel when it’s time to print.


The compact design of the imagePROGRAF GP-300/200 allows the printers to fit into small work environments where space is a premium.


The world’s first PANTONE® Calibrated printers for PANTONE® PASTELS & NEONS GUIDE coated.


Reimagine the Way You Print

  • PosterArtist Lite is an easy-to-use, template-driven poster creation software. Create professional posters, banners, and signage in just four (4) easy steps.
  • Choose from thousands of license-free images from third-party stock providers for complete poster customization!
  • The accounting Manager helps track actual ink, media usage, and costs for up to 50 devices.
  • Direct Print Plus lets you batch print files and monitor the status of more than one GP Series printer. Additional software features let you:
    – Easily collate sets
    – Display job progress
    – Nest images
  • Free Layout Plus lets you nest, tile, and create custom layouts before printing your files. Use the plug-in feature to print directly from Microsoft Office programs.
    And Much More!!

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