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Are You Doing Your Part to Help Rebuild Small Businesses?

It’s no secret that the months of shutdown due to COVID-19 have been devastating to small businesses in MARYLAND.

While the big box stores and online retailers continued to thrive throughout the shutdown, small businesses like us have felt the loss dramatically.

As the country begins it’s recovery period, which may take quite some time, small businesses will rely on us more than ever to help them reopen their doors and stay afloat.

Smarty McPageWe are asking for your business so that we can recover as well.

Simply by using Laser Line for your toner supplies, instead of Amazon or the other big online retailers, you’ll be helping to keep our employees working. Instead of pointing and clicking to order, we ask that you give us a shot to earn your business indefinitely.

We can provide the same supplies as most of the big box stores and offer fast and free delivery on those supplies!

We also sell printing equipment and other office machines but right now, as you reopen your own businesses, we can deliver fast toner and ink supplies to you just like the major retailers but for us, it will help support our local economy as our employees all live and work right here in Maryland.

Give us a shot. What do you have to lose?

Buy local.

Buy affordable.

Buy from us!

Support Maryland Small Business and keep OUR local citizens working. Call us today and order from us.

We promise, we’ll earn your trust as well as your business!

410-636-1700 Call us today!

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