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A Personal Message From the President of Laser Line – How We Compete

I have to compete with Amazon every day and here is how I do it and have for years.

By Will McFarland
President and Founder – Laser Line Inc.Chesterfield Pasadena, MD

Many years ago, I worked in Baltimore County for a National Computer Company out of Texas. As a technician in the field I handled customer equipment issues and repairs. One thing I saw over and over again was neglected Laser Printers that worked hard for the customer but didn’t get proper cleaning and care.

So, I started a part time business (Laser Line Inc.) in my 3-  bedroom home in the Chesterfield community of Pasadena. After a couple of years of serving folks the business grew and I left my employer of 13 years and had to hire people to help me serve my customers. We continued to grow and have more than 40 employees with about half on the street everyday as technicians serving our clients.

Almost everything we sell can be purchased from somebody else, somewhere else, including the internet.

But fortunately, people like our service and come back to us over and over again, year after year. We treasure that kind of relationship and work to earn their business and trust every day.

Laser Line Service vansSo, the way we compete with Amazon is… we give customers the benefit of our experience and knowledge every day at no charge. Service, service, service. They sell toner cartridges and deliver them fast. We deliver faster and in person and when we do, we clean your printers and test them for proper performance (for free). If needed, we adjust them and diagnose issues at no charge. Amazon is not going to send anybody out to help you take care of your printer, and certainly not for free.

Our awesome team

We package things up in a program we call PageSmart and give all the extra services along with a Toner Cartridge for less than the price of a Toner Cartridge alone from Staples.com. If you are going to be in business, you must do a better job than your competition and we work very hard to do so for our customers.


So, for less money what do you get?

Compare. Once we place our ID number on your printer it is so easy to use.


Toner Cartridge (4 hours)
Printer Cleaning
Toner Installation
Free Diagnostics (If you have a problem we show up)
Reduced Repair Rates
Technician on site, not on your payroll


Toner Cartridge (Next day UPS)

Easy to use hard to believe!

No contracts, no hassles, no worries!

We would like to ask for your business. By buying your toner from us and not the internet we give you more.

We want YOU as a customer.

Laser Line Team

Spending your money with us allows us to keep our service fleet on the road everyday serving companies in the Baltimore/Washington/N. VA market. Without your supplies business, we could not afford to put a staff of vans and techs on the road each day. There is not enough money in repair service alone to justify it.

We keep jobs local. Our people work and live in the area and really appreciate your business. That’s how we compete, we out hustle, out serve and out do Amazon. Let us show you some of what we can do. Whether you have 3 printers or 300 we do them all the same.

What our customers say:

“It’s a no Brainer” (a repeated comment) – Where have you guys been? – You make it so easy. – How do you make money?

Call and a no pressure representative can get you started right away. (It’s really easy)



Thanks for reading my story.
Will McFarland

We service Hospitals, Universities, Financial Managers, Schools and over 3500 other businesses like yours.
Proverbs 3:5-6