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A Message from Our Company President

A Message from our Company President:

Dear Friends, Loyal Customers, and Partners in Business,

Since March of 2020, we have all been challenged professionally, personally, and as a nation. Some of us have even lost loved ones. COVID-19 marched into our lives uninvited and upset the order of business, threatened our health, and completely changed how we went about our normal lives.

Now, in today’s business climate, we see record inflation and continued price increases both on the wholesale and retail levels and, most visibly, at the gas pump. These are truly difficult times to live in and not be discouraged.

Each week, manufacturers have new shortages and are raising prices at the wholesale level. As price increases come, we assure you we are doing everything we can to keep them down and keep our prices affordable, reasonable, and in line with other suppliers. We check prices elsewhere daily by comparing ours to vendors such as STAPLES.COM and others to stay competitive. To better serve your needs, we’ve expanded our offerings to assist you with services for remote working, IT services, and PC Bundles.

We are constantly working to improve our programs to give you the continued edge on service cost and value-added Print, Imaging, and IT services. Please know if you are considering a new project involving hardware in quantity, we have inside knowledge of manufacturer programs and deals that could help you. By knowing what you are planning in advance, we can match you with the right current program. Please don’t let these opportunities go to waste. Call or reach out to your Laser Line rep for helpful suggestions on doing things different and doing things better.

We want you to know how much we appreciate your business throughout the challenges of the past two years. The employees at Laser Line continue to work hard each day to serve you promptly keep you supplied and your infrastructure running. We thank you for that opportunity. We so appreciate your business and consider it our privilege to serve you.


Will McFarland – President
Laser Line Inc.