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Printer Security Features – Self-Healing Only From HP

Defend your network with the world’s most secure printers. Self-healing security features guard against attacks – from boot up to shut down.

Check out the best printer security features available with HP and Laser Line.

Defend your devices, data, and documents:
Critical gaps can occur at multiple points within your imaging and printing environment. Once you understand these vulnerabilities, you can more easily reduce the risks. HP printers are designed to work together with security monitoring and management solutions to help reduce risk, improve compliance, and protect your network from end to end. (Not all features and solutions are available on every HP device.)

Imaging and printing vulnerability points:

  • Storage media: Imaging and printing devices store sensitive information on internal drives or hard disks, which can be accessed if not protected
  • BIOS and firmware Firmware that becomes compromised during startup or while running could open a device and the network to attack
  • Output tray: The output tray is the most common place for sensitive documents to fall into the wrong hands
  • Capture: MFPs can easily capture and route jobs to many destinations, potentially exposing sensitive data
  • Cloud-based access: Unsecured cloud connectivity may expose data to unauthorized users
  • Control panel: Users can exploit imaging and printing device settings and functions from an unsecured control panel, and even disable the device
  • Ports and protocols: Unauthorized users can access the device via unsecured USB or network ports or via unsecured protocols (such as FTP or Telnet)
  • Mobile printing: Employees who print on the go may accidentally expose data, or leave printouts unsecured
  • Management: Without adequate monitoring, security blind spots across your fleet may remain undetected and increase costly data risks
  • Network: Printing and imaging jobs can be intercepted as they travel over the network to/ from a device
  • Input tray: Special media for printing checks, prescriptions, and other sensitive documents can be tampered with or stolen from an unsecured tray