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Revolutionary HP PageWide technology makes vivid color affordable

Professional-quality color.PageWide technology
Unbeatable value.
Revolutionary technology.

In your department, results matter. It’s your duty to provide high-quality solutions that deliver on employees’ demands while improving business efficiencies and protecting bottom lines. Easier said than done, right? Especially when it comes to finding solutions that are affordable but still exceed expectations both in delivery and usage.

In the past, color prints were one solution that came only from high-end printers with hefty price tags. Yet the biggest expense came from the hassle and cost of replacing multiple toner cartridges. This frightened many businesses into settling for black-and-white output or low-quality color prints. However, the color printing game is not the same as yesteryear.

Introducing HP PageWide: High-quality color at an affordable price

Today, color printing comes at an affordable price with HP PageWide, the new, affordable revolution in business printing. HP PageWide printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) are reinventing expectations for business printing with single-pass technology that creates consistent, professional-quality color prints-ones that could transform the way you do business.

Here’s how HP PageWide makes color affordable:

Reduced costs

HP PageWide reduces cost per print (cpp) by 40 percent when compared to in-class color lasers, making color printing an affordable solution for your business.

Professional-quality color

Reformulated inks dry rapidly and produce high black optical density; vivid, saturated color; and dark, sharp, crisp text. Employees will love the results, and your business will benefit from making professional, memorable impressions with your customers.

Streamlined maintenance

High-yield cartridges enable you to print more than 13,000 color pages without replacing cartridges. Fewer replaceable parts and longer-lasting cartridges result in greater cost savings and less scheduled maintenance and downtime. That means you have more freedom to focus on other pressing IT needs.

Best-in-class speeds

The stationary printhead covers one full page at a time and prints up to 75 pages per minute (ppm) (Enterprise 500 series) during multiple print requests (up to 15 users). Only the paper moves, for fast, single-pass printing that keeps your business moving, reducing employee wait times and increasing productivity.

In a business where every penny counts, HP PageWide can be a total game-changer for producing quality, affordable color prints that lead to happier end users and healthier bottom lines.