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MD and DC Essential Employees – If You Need to Print, We’re Still Here for You!

With the new policies and executive order in place in Maryland, we definitely understand and feel your pain. We at Laser Line are working from home and still available to make sure you have the tools you need in order to complete your necessary printing needs. Whether your job is considered essential or you are working from home, call us.

Small business is still the backbone of this country and more now than ever, we’re counting on the support of other Maryland and DC businesses to be a part of the support Maryland and DC small business team.

We are still here for you!

Hospitals need to print lab reports, patient information, prescriptions, referrals etc. and we are here if your equipment stops working or you need toner and ink supplies!

We aren’t some big box store. Our employees all live, work and send their children to school right here in Maryland. Doing business with Laser Line is benefiting our State’s economy, where our employees live, shop and seek healthcare when needed.

You can either call us or email us at service@amalaserline.com or use the service request form on our web site to order whatever you need to keep you up and running.

As a small, local Maryland company, we are asking for your business. We are all in this together trying to help each other make it through this crisis with our health and well being in tact.

If you are working from home, we have support for you too!

  • Printers
  • Fax Machines
  • Toner and ink supplies
  • Multifunction Devices
  • Remote support

Being a local Maryland company, we have our finger on the pulse of everything that is affecting your business, as it affects us and our employees as well.

Governor Hogan’s message is clear and we want you all to know we support you and want to make sure those of you on the front lines as well as those of us telecommuting, are able to keep our companies afloat in this time of crisis.

It is essential that you are able to do business. It is essential that you have the equipment and supplies you need in order to keep your company or organization running without interruption.

Let us help you.

Will McFarland