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Great Article About the Consequences of Giving Up Your Printer

“No One Wants a Printer, but Everyone Wants to Print” spells out the consequences of giving up your printer. Are you sure that’s such a good idea?

While browsing the internet for interesting news about printers and copiers, I found this great article in the Wall Street Journal By Rachel Feintzeig.

Everyone Wants to Print

Here’s an excerpt that had me shaking my head and wanting to help these people.

“The power of being the printer person”

“Printing at the office comes with its own struggles. Terri Barris of Ontario, Canada, once found herself sending off confidential tax documents, including her pay information, to…where exactly?”

“The list of printers to choose from, some in offices hours away, were named by nonsensical strings of letters and numbers. After guessing wrong, she clicked cancel, only to be confronted with “this spinning wheel of death,” she says. “You’re starting to sweat and your heart is palpitating.”

“After a year of mounting printing difficulties, her manager bequeathed his personal printer to her. She loved it. So did everyone else. Her colleagues would line up at her door, bearing chocolate chip cookies and candy, wondering if she could print their documents.”

Check out the whole article HERE. I’m sure we can all relate!

Laser Line can help you keep your printer and keep it doing what printers are built to do…print your documents!

If you’re not afraid to admit you still want and NEED to print, give us a call. We’ll not only help you choose the perfect printer or copier but also help you manage all of your printing devices so that you won’t have to worry about important documents ending up on the wrong printer or not printing at all.

At Laser Line, we want you to love your printer. You don’t have to print everything, but when you need to print, you should be able to depend on your printer.

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