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The Wolf Starring Christian Slater | HP Studios

If you’re not taking your printer security seriously, someone else might be. From director Lance Acord comes The Wolf starring Christian Slater.
To learn more about how to protect your business visit http://www.hp.com/go/ReinventSecurity

Protect the device:
HP printers are designed to work together with security monitoring and management solutions to help reduce risk, improve compliance, and protect your network from end to end. (Not all features and solutions are available on every HP device.)

Fundamental security practices:

  • Encrypted storage with secure erase: Any sensitive information stored on the internal drive or hard disk is potentially vulnerable to theft. HP devices come with built-in encryption to protect data. When stored data is no longer needed, use built-in device capabilities to securely overwrite data and safely remove sensitive information.
  • Secure disposal: HP Custom Recycling Services can ensure data is eliminated from hard drives before responsibly recycling old products.
  • Secure printer repair access: Knowing the security practices of printer maintenance vendors will help protect sensitive data. Choose HP Secure Managed Print Services (MPS) or HP partners for expert assistance.
  • Disable unused ports and protocols: Reduce the attack surface through proper device configuration. Disable physical ports and unsecure protocols (such as FTP or Telnet) to prevent unauthorized access or use.
  • Administrator access control for device: Set administrator passwords so only IT staff or other authorized personnel can set up and configure device settings.
  • Whitelisting of firmware code: See the next page for information on how whitelisting can protect your fleet from malware.